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Bible Journaling with Kids

Tuesday, April 14, 2020 5:57 AM

 Bible Journaling with Kids

Post inspired by DaySpring on Dec 4, 2017 by Amber

Bible Journaling with Kids

Quiet time with God is some of your most treasured time—but why keep that to yourself? Bible journaling is a meaningful way for kids to connect with Christ, too! The practice of Bible journaling is a wonderful way to get kids excited about spending time in His Word. Not only does their discovery bring them closer to God, it allows you to rediscover His Word through their eyes. Think of the conversations that could come up while soaking in the Word together!

Let kids get hands-on with their Bibles—after all, many kids respond best to tactile learning, or using movement and engagement to learn. Fun stickers, paints, stamps, and washi tape come together to grow their connection with Him. Add Bible journaling activities to your children’s study at home, as a Sunday school craft, or as a youth group or church activity for kids and watch their faith flourish in creative ways.

You may be wondering if this is the right devotional activity for your kids. Maybe you would prefer to save the journaling Bible for when they’re older. No problem—just offer a blank journal for them to create in as you read a verse aloud from the family Bible. Whether you’ve got a doodler or a child who prefers to use words to express themselves, they can fill their journal as they are inspired. What a beautiful way to build their faith!

Look at the benefits children—and adults—gain from the practice of Bible journaling:

> Documenting their journey as they draw closer to God
> Discovering a love of the Word
> Honing fine motor skills through art
> Learning to give it to God by sharing their thoughts, feelings, and concerns in their journal
> Gaining confidence in their skills as an artist or writer
> Discovering the peace that comes from regular quiet study with Him
> Building an understanding of His promises
> Recording the ways the Scriptures speak to them as they grow in His Word
> Connecting with God in a new, creative way

If this spiritual activity resonates with you and your kids, now’s the time to start! Grab some Bible journaling supplies and read on for some tips for young beginners.

Tips for Bible Journaling with Kids

Do it from the heart. Ask your child what Scripture speaks to them most. Talk with them about life at home or at school to find a fitting Scripture. Let them guide the choice as you work together to figure out where to start. What is your kid’s favorite Bible verse? There are so many Scriptures full of beautiful imagery—perhaps it’s the Creation story, Noah’s Ark, or the story of Daniel in the lion’s den. One that may prompt creativity is Philippians 4:8, as it encourages them to think about ‘whatever is lovely’—surely that will help them find their truest inspiration in His Word.

Let your kid’s imagination take hold. Don’t correct or direct, just watch as they strengthen their faith and discover through their own creativity. We were created to create, but sometimes perfectionism and the desire for everything to be just right get in the way of our creativity. Children aren’t hindered by the same idea of perfection as we can be, so let them create in their own way. You may be trying to teach them, but you may learn a few lessons along the way!

Get messy. Stickers and stamps are great tools for little hands, but don’t shy away from messier art supplies like paints. A mess is temporary—you can clean up anything with a sponge and some elbow grease—but the bond they build with Him will last a lifetime.

Do it together. Children learn by imitation. What better way to inspire a connection with Him than to let your kids see your own creativity in action? Pull out the paints, pens, washi tape, and stickers and explore the Bible together.

Share the love. Take this heartfelt activity to Sunday school, youth groups, and church gatherings. Set up tables with blank paper, art supplies, and prompts and let kids discover a love of journaling His Word. There’s nothing more enticing to kids than a table full of paint, crayons, stickers, and glitter—draw them in and they will impress you with their insight and creativity.

Put a date on it. Add a date to each journal entry as you go so they can look back for encouragement or inspiration at any time.

Whether you add Bible journaling to the children’s Sunday school curriculum at church or bring it into your family study at home, giving kids the opportunity to dive into Bible journaling benefits you all. They’ll build a keepsake Bible to cherish for decades to come. So get their creativity flowing with some beginner’s Bible journaling supplies and a journal, and watch as they discover the meaning of their creativity in the Word take hold.


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