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Ways to Use Your Illustrating Bible

Tuesday, April 14, 2020 5:36 AM

Ways to Use Your Illustrating Bible

The Illustrating Bible was created with YOU in mind – the person who is striving to grow in faith and learn more about God, the person who wants to document life in the pages of your Bible, the person who maybe has a creative streak that loves to create beautiful art in tandem with your Bible studies.  Maybe you’re not a Bible journaler, so you think this Bible isn’t for you. But the Illustrating Bible is so much more than a Bible journaling tool – it’s for anyone who wants to grow deeper in their faith. There are so many different ways to use this beautiful Bible in your own life, so we’ve listed out a few for you below, but get creative, and the possibilities are endless!

Bible Journaling or Study Bible

Of course, Bible journaling is a favorite way to use the Illustrating Bible – with its thicker paper for less bleed-through and extra-large margins, there’s plenty of space for getting creative with what the Lord is teaching you through His Word. The Illustrating Bible was actually created with Bible journalers in mind, but that’s definitely not the only way to use this beautiful format. Because of all the extra space in the margins, it’s actually perfect for those of us who like to underline, highlight, and make notes in the margins. If you find yourself constantly running out of space in a normal journaling Bible, then this is for you! Whether you’re a creative, artistic person or strictly a note-taker, you’ll be able to use this Bible to linger longer in God’s Word and grow deeper in your faith.

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