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Valentine's Day Pillow.

Monday, February 5, 2018 6:50 AM

Valentine's Day Pillow.

"News from the Silhouette Blog Team - contributed by the blog My 100 Year Old Home." 

Have you been wanting to make a pillow like this for Valentine’s Day? But the thought of cutting out all of those hearts was the one thing that discouraged you from giving it a try? You can cut all of the hearts with the Silhouette CAMEO!  Cutting fabric on your Silhouette to make this pillow is very easy to do. All you need is a few items.

Supplies Needed:

  • Silhouette CAMEO® or Silhouette Portrait® or Silhouette Curio™
  • Silhouette Cutting Mat
  • Silhouette Fabric Blade
  • Silhouette Studio®
  • Pillow cover (I used the VIGDIS linen cover from IKEA.)
  • ½ Yard Linen Fabric
  • Quilting Thread
  • Terial Magic Fabric Stabilizer
  • 3M Super Multi-Purpose Spray Adhesive
  • Design ID #117290

Step One: Prepare Your Fabric To Be Cut

  1. To prepare the fabric for use in your Silhouette, cut 12” square pieces of fabric to fit on your cutting mat.
  2. Spray the fabric with the Terial Magic until the fabric is fully saturated. Let it air dry for 15 minutes. The fabric won’t be dry but it will be easier to handle. 
  3. Iron the fabric dry, using a pressing cloth if needed to protect your iron. The fabric should be very stiff.
  4. Spray one side of the fabric lightly with the spray adhesive and attach to your cutting mat. 
  5. Silhouette does sell a Fabric Stabilizer if you are interested in purchasing that.

Step Two: Cut Out and Sew the Hearts

  1. Open Design ID #117290 in Silhouette Studio® by locating it in your library.
  2. If you want the hearts lager you can rearranged the hearts by using the Ungroup feature. To Ungroup a design first, select the shape and then right-click with your mouse. A menu will appear where you can select Ungroup. Ungrouping the design allowed me to select a few of the hearts to resized them. 
  3. To resize a shape, select the shape and with your arrow and pull the outer corners to make the shape smaller or larger. 
  4. Once you have your final design, be sure to select “Fabric, Thick” when you send it to the Silhouette machine. Use the settings Blade – 5, Speed – 5, Thickness – 33 and the Double Cut feature.
  5. Load your material into your Silhouette machine. Select Send in Silhouette Studio®, and the machine will begin to cut the hearts out. 
  6. It is very easy to just pull off the fabric from the cutting mat.  Then place the hearts randomly on the pillow and hold them in place with straight pins. 
  7. You can hand sew them on with red quilting thread. You can also use fabric glue or machine sewing —it is entirely up to you. 

Happy Valentine's Day and Doodling!

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