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Welcome to our new website! Adding new items daily:-) Free delivery in SA over R1500* Support Hours 9AM-5PM SAST Phone: SA +27 0125550010 Text Whatsapp 0796371340

Dayspring - (in)courage - Courageous Habits - 2021-2022 18-Month Agenda Planner

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What if creating the life you long for doesn't hinge on the huge decisions you might face but on the daily habits you have the power to make? With a fresh planner in hand, we all want to fill up our calendar with great plans! But how do we make sure our ordinary days add up to joy, growth, impact, and change? By cultivating a life of small, courageous daily habits.

At (in)courage, we know real transformation doesn’t come by our own strength. Real courage to get through a hard day or busy season or even an amazing year doesn’t come from just gritting our teeth and hustling harder. True strength and courage come from God’s unwavering presence. God-given courage paired with a commitment to cultivate small, healthy habits has the power to make this your most meaningful year of personal growth ever. Ready to start?

Each month we will introduce a new Courageous Habit. Rather than a one-size-fits-all recipe, these habits are intended to help you assess areas of personal and spiritual growth you’d like to focus on, and then implement new patterns in your life that will lead to lasting and life-impacting change. Let God lead! He’s got good, good plans for you!

In addition to a new habit each month, you’ll also find an inspiring weekly verse and place to track your habits. Make it personal, friend! Only you can decide what new habit is right for you right now. Writing it down helps you practice it today and remember it tomorrow!

About (in)courage:

(in)courage welcomes you to a place where authentic, brave women connect deeply with God and others. Founded in 2009 by DaySpring, the Christian products subsidiary of Hallmark Cards, Inc., (in)courage is a vibrant online community that reaches thousands of women every day. Through the power of shared stories and meaningful resources, (in)courage celebrates the strength Jesus gives to live out our calling as God's daughters. Together we build community, celebrate diversity, and become women of courage. Click Here to learn more about the (in)courage community.

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