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Doodles - Metallic Waterslide Decal Paper A4 - Laser Printable - Clear - 1 sheet

Doodles - Metallic Waterslide Decal Paper A4 - Laser Printable - Clear - 1 sheet

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Do It Yourself metallic colour decal paper at home using your PC, laser printer and laminator.
It is easy to make your own gold water slide decal paper which you can put on guitar, ceramic, candles, glass, furniture and many other gloss finished items.

You will also need: PC, Laser Printer, Laminator, Squeegee or soft cloth

PLEASE NOTE: In order to use this product properly, you will need a laminator (ideally with temperature control). Without a proper laminator, you may find that the decal is patchy or has areas with too much or too little metallic powder which has been transferred. In order to test whether your laminator will work for this decal paper, we strongly recommend that, for your first order, you order a sheet to try it for yourself.

This decal paper is compatible with our metallic foils and also works well with Heidi Swapp Minc Reactive Foil if your laminator can be set to the optimum temperature. Please use some a carrier sheet or a cover sheet (normal copy paper) to smooth out wrinkles when laminating. 

How to use:

1. Go to the ‘Printer Set Up’ and set the printing colour option to ‘Black and White’ and increase the ‘Contrast’ to the maximum level of your printer.

2. Then print on the back of metallic powder sheet (our metallic sheet) or print on the glossy side of the waterslide decal paper (Heidi Swap Minc foil).

3. Place the metallic sheet, facing the back side down, on the glossy side of the waterslide decal paper. It is recommended to keep the laminating size no more than A5 (half A4) unless you have a heavy duty laminator.(If you are a first time user, you need to find the optimum temperature of your laminator. Start from low temperature at high speed if your laminator has control functions. Otherwise choose the lowest temperature option possible then move to next level until you find the optimum temperature)

4. Laminate it at low temperature (around 85C / 185F) at high speed. If temperature is too high, excessive metallic powder will be transferred and if it is too low temperature, not enough metallic powder will be transferred to the waterslide decal paper.

5. Let the laminated sheet cool down then carefully separate the metallic sheet from the waterslide decal paper by peeling the metallic sheet away in a low & slow motion.



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